Welcome to the I Can Network!

The I Can Network is a movement dedicated to driving a rethink of the Autism Spectrum among young people and the community, away from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I Can’. We have a long-term intent to inspire environments that enable and empower EVERY young person on the Autism Spectrum to say ‘I Can’ to life’s opportunities. 

Our mission is to inspire and fuel ‘I Can’ networks for every child and young person with psychiatric, intellectual and physical challenges

How we achieve our vision for enabling ‘I can’ environments is by inspiring everyday people. We want to empower people to develop networks that support young people on the Autism Spectrum. Through these networks, we can better share the strengths of the Autism Spectrum, so that EVERYONE benefits from the focused lives that young people on the Spectrum lead. The mission of these networks therefore is to make young people on the Spectrum visible in the world around them.

What is an ‘I Can’ network? It’s a physical group of mentors, made up of family, friends, teachers, health professionals and employers, who enable and empower a young person to set and achieve personal goals.

We envision the I Can Network as one big movement of networks! We’re about having a big reach through small networks that are unique to individual young people and their communities. This is why we dare to have the capacity to inspire and resource ‘I Can’ networks for every child and young person with challenges.

Young people and their communities drive us as a network. We also want to provide tailored programs for different spaces. For instance, we want to be able to inspire schools to see themselves as ‘I Can Schools’ and businesses as ‘I Can Businesses’. 

So welcome, and we definitely hope to see you around!


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