I Can Happenings

Ahoy me hearties!

It’s been a bountiful year on the spectrum seas. The I Can Network has expanded its crew, faced great challenges, and emerged victorious, and as 2014 draws to a close, we’re sailing into exciting and uncharted waters.

There have been so many highlights this year is hard to know where to begin. Our first teen’s camp needs an article all to itself, as does our pilot program at Marymede College, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve also been working on a joint radio project with SYN, (Student Youth Network)called “Great Minds Don’t Think Alike”, which addresses topics such as education and relationships in regards to autism. The show’s just finished its first season, and now has a team of fourteen people behind it, most of whom are on the spectrum themselves.

In other news, it gives us great pride to announce that our resident IT magician, Damien Watson, was runner up for the Coles Community Hero Award for his work with the I Can Network. His skills helped create the website you’re on right now, and he’s a fantastic example of someone on the spectrum who has not only survived but excelled in full time employment.

What’s more, our Network as a whole recently won Monash University’s Social Inclusion Award, which for us is not just an honour, but an encouraging sign that we’re gaining momentum as a movement.

So, haul anchor and raise the sails; a bountiful read awaits ye!

Max Williams,


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