We have a winner!

One of the juicier grapes in the I Can Network’s vineyard is Great Minds Don’t Think alike, a radio show about neurodiversity and the issues surrounding it, masterminded by our own Julia Pillai.
If you’re reading this, there’s a fair to “it’ll rain in Melbourne today” chance you’ve read or at least heard of The Rosie Project, a novel in which autism plays a significant role. Great Minds recently landed an interview with its author, Graeme Simsion, with another of our big guns, Christian Tsoutsouvas, in the driver’s seat. Turns out he did a fantabulous job, as he received the Student Youth Network’s Best Interview Award for his efforts. (Shared with his co-host, Sarah Maunder)
Congrats on the awesome work, guys!
Graeme Simsion himself was very supportive of I Can, saying that we’re “doing a great job of communicating the perspective of people on the autism spectrum – a perspective we all need to appreciate.” Thanks muchly, Mr. Simsion!
You can listen to the full interview here:


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