May the 4th be with us

The I Can Network is no stranger to camps; last month we held our fourth.

But this one was different. It was our biggest to date, with about forty participants aged 14 to 18.

We also had some new ideas to try out, ones we’d never trialled at a camp before.

In previous camps, we ran “workshops” such as writing, construction, drawing, and music; participants chose the one they thought would suit them best, and used that art form to express what the “I Can” attitude meant for them.

This time, instead of each one being separate, we unified them under a single project; the participants came up with ideas for a video game with an “I Can” theme, and voted on the one they liked best. The writing workshop then wrote dialogue and back story for the game, while the music workshop came up with theme music, the drawing workshop created concept art, and so on.

This evoked a cooperative team element that hadn’t been present n the old segregated model, and it was fantastic to see so many unique talents working together towards a common goal.

This was also the first camp for some of our new mentors, and they all acquitted themselves fantastically.

With each camp we aim higher, and our 5th camp, scheduled for September, will be no exception.


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