A Primary Breakthrough

Term 2 of this year saw the launch of the first I CAN primary school – St Bernadette’s in Ivanhoe.

The students decided to call it the ‘Imagination Club,’ since every single one of these little I Canners, or ‘I CAN juniors,’ has a huge imagination. We certainly saw that during all of the drama and arts & crafts activities we ran with them to teach them about emotions, body language and teamwork.

Each time Chloe, Chris and myself pay our fortnightly visit to the school, we start off by loosening them up with one of their favourite games. Then one or two of them will give a short presentation to the whole group about one of their special interests. We are always blown away by the pride and effort these students all put into these talks. Teachers have said that these are the best presentations these students have ever given.

In almost no time the Imagination Club has become a fun, safe place where shyer students have the confidence to express themselves, where the more outgoing students start to show an interest in what other people have to say, and where everyone feels appreciated just for being who they are.

Christian Tsoutsouvas


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