From the Blogosphere: “On the job” by Amanda Witt

Over a decade ago I first saw a small ad in a newspaper for an agency in South Yarra for walkers. I had just completed my TAFE library technician diploma and was reluctant to go to Centrelink for the dole due to the requirements.

This particular agency called Right On Target Advertising (ROTA) suited me because unlike the firms that deliver local newspapers, they did not require a car. I soon learnt how to sort the leaflets in bundles and walk the streets of the allocated area systematically.

After my redundancy at the end of 2010, I thought that if I didn’t have a new job the next year, I would make contact with ROTA and resume pounding the pavements. I was surprised to find the manager the same as a decade ago, and even more impressed that he remembered me!

It took a few months for my leg muscles and stamina to return to their former form where I could walk two-three hours without a break and not get tired. Although now I am on Centrelink money, this money earned is welcome extra and I feel like I have actually earned it.

On average I complete one-two jobs a fortnight, travelling up to an hour by public transport, pulling a shopping jeep loaded with the leaflets, to get to the delivery areas as ROTA does not deliver in my immediate area. The number of times people have asked me ‘can’t you do the local catalogues?’ and I tell them, ‘no, because on those ads, a car is listed as a requirement’.

This leafletting gives me a purpose to get out of the house so I do not sit around all day moaning about not having a job.

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