Grape to meet you: Marcell Wombell, Teens Camp Volunteer

Marcell Wombell

How did you first get involved with I can?
I first got involved with I CAN through their schools program. I attended Marymede Catholic College as a student, I was asked if I wanted to volunteer with the mentoring team, and I said yes.

What made you want to get involved?
My passion for working with young people, and wanting everyone with autism to know that nothing is out of their reach if they put their mind to it.

What does the I CAN attitude mean to you?
An I Can attitude to me means always seeing the positive in any situation, and believing that I can do it, and I can succeed.

Do you have a message for our readers?
Autism is just a different way of thinking and doing. It might take a little longer to do or understand things but in the end you can do whatever you set out to achieve. I was once told that I would never get a job, that I would never pass VCE, that I would never get my licence. But with the support of everyone around me, I got my licence, I got a job, I passed VCE, I’m now studying at university to become a teacher and volunteering with organisations such as I CAN where I aim to be a positive influence on the young people around me. So don’t give up, think I CAN and you will achieve!

Marcell Wombell


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