From the Blogosphere: “Social Change: An Insight” by Elissa

Change is challenging.

But for me, social change is possibly the most challenging. Firstly because it brings with it all the usual aspects of change (uncertainty, new things etc.) and secondly (probably the most tricky part) is that it brings with it an avalanche of new signals to try and read, a sense of loneliness, and potentially new scripts to learn and understand.

And it’s not just big social change that is challenging. In fact, sometimes it’s the small, seemingly insignificant changes that are harder – because nobody else may notice the differences… except the Aspie who always notices the differences.

And when the change is happening all around you, with no control in your hands, it’s a scary thing.

It’s like this… you have your social world on a rug that feels stable and safe – stable and safe enough to take risks in other areas of life… and then the rug gets shifted under you. Other people don’t notice, but the small shift is enough to unsettle everything…

It’s life though… and we roll with how it comes, whatever it means.

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