EXPOsing the Awe in Awetism

The launch itself wasn’t the only big event of the last few weeks.

Tuesday the 24th of November we held Awetism 2015, our first Expo showcasing the talents of people on the spectrum. Once again, a big shout out goes to National Australia Bank for allowing us to use their building in Docklands.

Throughout the day, many AWEsome individuals gave presentations on their special interests and skills.

One of the highlights was an elaborate LEGO contraption built by high school student Aron Lockhart, which consisted of over 3000 individual parts, and took him three and a half months to build. When a hand crank was turned, the machine moved tiny balls through from end of the machine to the other through a series of conveyer belts, cranes, turntables, screws, and other mechanisms.

LEGO contraption

Photo by Kim Noonan

“This is what I love doing, this is what fascinate me,” says Aron, who says he hopes to channel his mechanical skills into his future career.

Other presentations covered animation, comedy, poetry, and more.
We’re absolutely thrilled at how it turned out, and we look forward to running many more expos in the future!

Max Williams


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