Speaker Spotlight: Christian Tsoutsouvas

An artistic chameleon of prodigious ability, Christian’s talents range from the performing arts to linguistics. He has starred in theatre productions and independent films, he has an office in the disabilities department of the Melbourne University Student Union, and he has hosted four radio shows.

He likens his autism to a cherished family member; one that often entertains him, sometimes annoys him, but has always been precious to him.

Keen insight, lively wit, and vibrant creativity are just a few of the wonderful qualities that Christian brings to the table.

Vital statistics

Profession: Student

Education: 2nd year Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University

Experience/Achievements: City of Whitehorse Young Person of the Month Award, (October 2013) SYN Award for Best Interview, (2014) Commendation for the 2015 Foundation for Young Australians Game Changer Award (2015)

Position at I CAN: Senior mentor and writer.

Location: Melbourne

Speaking topics: I Can Schools, I Can universities/TAFEs, Quiet magic taster, The Neurodiversity Movement, The rise of the I Can Network, The Rethink on Autism, My personal I Can Story,

“There are many people who are like me, but no one who’s exactly like me. I’m not different because I’m autistic: I’m different because I’m me.”

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLbIQyzIrw8


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