The I CAN Network is proud to be featuring on the ABC’s flagship Australia Wide program this weekend.

Australia Wide takes a deeper look at people, places and events that affect the lives of Australians. As a national program on the nation’s broadcaster, it has the potential to reach thousands of people across the country. And, as the first major television program to feature the I CAN Network in depth, it represents a scoop not only for the ABC, but also for us!

The feature allows us to showcase to a wide audience our unique approach to Autism in schools and our drive for a nation-wide rethink on the Autism Spectrum, which affects roughly 1 in 100 people in Australia.

Our innovative mentoring programs now run in 15 schools across Victoria, as well as universities, and our “Quiet Magic” strategy is generating a huge amount of buzz across the education industry as well as in larger corporations and organisations. Part of our success stems from the uniqueness of our team, the majority of whom are on the spectrum themselves.

We see the “Awe” in “Awetism” and we have a vision to inspire the rest of the world to see that too. That’s why we do what we do; one school, one lived experience and one business at a time, we are creating an AWEtism rethink. This ABC feature goes some way to reaching that goal.

Chief Enabling Officer, Chris Varney commented “This feature proves what people with Autism CAN do when the worlds around them embrace their strengths. Our mentors and mentees are gutsy, talented and will bring countless benefits to our country”.

The Australia Wide program will screen on ABC News 24 at 11:30am on Saturday, 6 February. A repeat is scheduled for 10:30am, Sunday 7 February on ABC TV.

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