Word of Wisdom Wednesday

“I love when people in their early twenties complain that they haven’t done whatever it is they need to do with their life.

When I was 24 I was in prison. When I was 27 I was in residential psychiatric rehabilitation and when I was 31 I lived in possibly the crappiest public housing estate in the world and had nothing to show for my 31 years, other than a few aspirations and a soon-to-be-published autobiography.

Many well-known people in the entertainment industry – and other industries – did not get their ‘break’ until they were in their forties or fifties. Life is usually longer than your twenties so if you aren’t doing whatever it is you want to be doing, you are probably working towards it and it will eventuate in the future. Or some people end up doing some amazing thing that they never imagined doing.

Practice patience and don’t (and I really mean this one), DON’T compare yourself to others.”

Jeanette Perkis, writer on the autism spectrum


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