Spectrum Showcase

The creativity of those on the spectrum never rests, and neither does our quest to share and celebrate it!

This time around, we’re featuring a remarkable young artist named Teagan, whose works blends painting with collage. Check it out!


Artist: Teagan Short, 25

Title: Goodnight

“The bird & branch pieces were inspired by a pile of sticks I had collected for another craft. (I often don’t follow through with ideas so I have a good collection of random things!) I felt like painting something that didn’t require much detail, blending out a single colour was quite meditative. The silhouettes were a nice way to create a moment without over thinking it, and then the textured nest was like doing a freestyle puzzle.
I like doing art and anything else creative because it gets me out of my head and into my heart.”


Remember, if you or someone you know is on the spectrum and has a piece of writing or art they would like to submit for consideration, please email your friendly neighbourhood Editor in Chief at [email protected]


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