Walking the walk

Dust off your hiking boots! On the 25th of June, Autism Walk 2016 will be held at Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo.

From 7am to 5pm, (official launch at 10am for not-so-early risers!) participants will be walking non-stop to raise awareness and funds. Your donations will help I CAN Network to reach more young people on the spectrum and support them in achieving their dreams.

The walk will begin at 22A High Street. You can find out more at http://www.facebook.com/AutismWalkBendigo, and you can contact the event’s organizers at [email protected], or by calling 04 1852 2277.

To make a donation, click here.

If you can make it to Bendigo on the 25th, we’d love to see you there!


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