It’s AWElmost AWEgust

Last year, we launched our first ever AWEgust for AWEtism campaign, where participants took on a monthly challenge to raise funds for our various programs that support young people on the Autism Spectrum.

I remember it well; I gave up coffee for a month, and as a result spent 31 days as a sleepwalking zombie with all the energy and brain power of a jetlagged sloth. Others took on different challenges; for example, the awesome Chloe Stuart decided to tackle her fear of talking to strangers by doing so at least once each day of August, taking a selfie with each one to prove it. Another of our marvelous mentors, Caitlin, gave up television for the month, and if you know her, you’ll know what a herculean sacrifice that was!

Dozens of people took up the challenge, and in total we manage to raise over $32,000, which in the ten months since have allowed us to expand our program to several new schools, and offer mentoring and peer support to hundreds more young people on the Spectrum.

This year, AWEgust for AWEtism is coming back in a big way. Once again, we’re aiming to expand our positive and strengths-based approach to the spectrum to those we’re not currently able to reach, and to do that we need your help.

So, how can you help out? Well, if you go to our AWEgust webpage, you can sign up to undertake a challenge of your own. It could be something as simple as going vegetarian for the month, facing a fear of yours, or working your way up to running or walking a certain distance. Alternatively, you can make a donation to our campaign via the same page. Your contributions could make a life changing difference for a young person on the Spectrum.

Please join us in making this an Awesome AWEgust that we can Awell be proud of!

Max Williams, Editor in Chief


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