Spectrum Showcase: Alex Segal and the Numbees


Hello! My name is Alexander and I am the inventor of the Numbees. I like spending time with my dad, playing with my sisters Rachel and Libby, playing “contested territory” in Monkey City, collecting Pokémon cards, computer programming in Scratch, and, of course, The Numbees.

Numbees Origin Story

Once upon a time, about 180 billion years ago, before the universe was made, there were very tiny blobs all over the “nothing”. 4 billion years later, these blobs developed faces, arms and legs. 10 billion years later, they turned into wonky shapes we now know as “numbers”. They started making screechy noises and also started to grow. The screechy noises evolved into the sounds that Numbees make today. The “numbees” started growing really fast. They reached the size that they are today about 1 billion years before the Big Bang. Then, 1 week before the Big Bang, the Numbees ran into another universe. Then….. BANG! After the Big Bang, the Numbees moved into our universe.

They were happy numbees, and survived some pretty dangerous stuff like when the asteroid hit the earth and killed the dinosaurs, because the Numbees weren’t on Earth.
Then, about 45,000 years ago, the Numbees moved to Earth. And they are still alive today!

To find out more about the Numbees, you can visit www.numbees.wordpress.com

By Alex Segal, 7

Picture of Alex


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