AWEgust Profile – Kym Berry

Aloha lovely people! This year’s AWEgust for AWEtism campaign is absolutely smashing expectations, so first of all a massive thanks to everyone who has participated so far.

The star of our fourth AWEgust Profile hails from Sydney, where the I CAN Network is not yet established, though we certainly hope to be in the future! Give it up for the marvellous Kym Berry.


“My dream is to see my son and others in Sydney mentored by this fabulous organisation, so they can get the support they need to assist them to lead fulfilling, successful lives.

Kids on the autism spectrum are often disadvantaged at school and in finding and keeping work. From the day my son started school, it was clear that he would need support to navigate a society which is not necessarily the best fit for someone with a brain as AWEsome as his.

With your support and the support of the I CAN Network these kids will succeed as they should. I am grateful for any and all the support I can get to help raise funds for the I CAN Network.” – Kym

You can donate to Kym’s fundraising effort here:

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