AWEgust Profile: Stacey McEwan

Greetings fellow humanoids! It’s your Editor in Chief Max here, and as we’ve finally reached AWEgust itself, we’ll be doing a series of profiles this month, looking at some of the people who have taken up a fundraising challenge for our AWEgust for AWEtism campaign.

To kick things off, we have the magnificent Stacey McEwan, who has decided to overthrow her aversion to exercise!


“It is incredibly important for people to talk about Autism in a positive way. We are talking about people, and we need to embrace the amazing strengths and qualities that people with Autism have, and work together to remove the stigma that has been around for far too long.

The I CAN Network is important because it highlights the amazing achievements that are possible if you nurture the strengths and talents an individual has. You need to look beyond potential challenges because if you cannot– you are essentially missing out on a world of opportunity.

When I was younger I was made to do cross country running because my brother could run. I would run the start and immediately walk when I could not be seen and run the end and come in last place.

For the last year I have contemplated exercise but never acted on it unless my daughter Charlotte decided to make a run for it out in public. I am quite content that I am not going to be a runner or choose it as a leisure activity.

So for the last year I thought I could use an exercise bike. I researched them, took test rides in the shop and placed it in the back of my mind. Let’s just say my current exercise routine would include playing with a 4 year old, repetitive trips to the fridge and circling back to the couch. In winter I pretend I am a bear and hibernate.

For my AWEgust for AWEtism challenge I will take up using an exercise bike. Every dollar donated will equal 1 minute spent cycling during the month of August. I’m challenging my belief that I have an allergy to exercise and by the end I may be a half fit human!” – Stacey

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