AWEgust 2016: Great Success!


Well chums, Spring has finally Sprung, and the month of AWEgust is behind us. This year, our AWEgust for AWEtism campaign was able to raise over $52,000; an increase of $20,000 from last year’s total.

To say we’re pleased with this would be like saying that the surface of the planet Mercury is rather warm. We are over the freaking moon, and we are grateful beyond words to all those who participated, whether they undertook a challenge, made a donation, or helped out behind the scenes.

This funding will allow us to reach many more young people on Autism Spectrum, and offer them the same support and opportunities that have made such a positive difference for so many of us.

We are $52,000 closer to a world where those on the spectrum are fully embraced, celebrated, and empowered.

Thank you all!

Max Williams, Editor in Chief


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