Spectrum Showcase: Juliet Callow

Ahoy me hearties! Trim the sails and haul anchor, it’s time to sail the Spectrum Seas once more! This week, we’re showcasing the work of an up-and-coming writer, Ms Juliet Callow, who was also kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview, which you’ll find if you keep scrolling after her story. Enjoy!


This piece was written as part of an in-class assignment. Students were asked to compose a brief diary entry, pretending to be a child who lived in another time period. Juliet chose to be a 12-year-old boy during the U.S. Civil War era. She received full marks.Kristen Callow, Juliet’s mother

Dear Diary,

Hello. This is Cory Geary. I haven’t been writin’ for a few months now. I lost you. I’ll tell you the whole story of the search, the ash and the bucket. Ma and I checked ev’rywhere, and a while later my brother Dave came a-rushing over to me. “Cory, Cory!” his loud mouth cried in joy. “I found your diary! It’s under the bed!” At first I didn’t really believe him, little guy can tell fibs at times. But this time his words were true. I kissed you all over, and ended up with ash on my lips. Sadly, Ma found out. “Bath NOW, Cory,” she hissed.

She placed me outside and polished me from head to toe. Unluckily, my friends were looking. Kaito and Emma ambled over to see what I was doin’ in the icy bucket of evil. I went as red as a t’mato! “What are you doin’, Cory?” Emma asked, blinking vigorously. I was so ashamed that I fell outta my bucket. Kaito shook his head. “No offence, Cor, but Ma said you can’t come over with all that soap on your face.” I almost died of embarrassment. “Get up, we still haven’t got that shampoo out,” sighed Ma. Honestly, I wish Ma would stop lettin’ me dip OUTSIDE. I keep on tellin’ her to stop and let me bathe inside like the other children, but she just won’t. “The sun’s goin’ down,” Ma said, “Go to bed.” I shot a dirty look at Ma and went to bed.

It’s 10:00 at night already, and I still cannot sleep. I’m still pretty embarrassed ‘bout the bucket incident. I’m covering my ears with my pillow. The blacksmith is still making tools. Bang. Bang. Bang. Uh oh. Dave is wakin’ up. “Where’s that racket comin’ from, Cor?” he asks. “The blacksmith,” I mutter. Even the livestock is getting disturbed. Sooner or later, the entire town will be a cluckin’, bangin’ and moanin’ Badville. That’s what our family calls ruthless places. But tomorrow’s another day. Another ghastly, rotten day.

By Juliet Callow, Grade 5, aged 10

So Juliet, what kind of things do you like to write about?
“I’ve been writing since I was a very little kid, and we have tons of notebooks around the house filled with my creative stories and drawings. I love writing about animals, especially cats, dogs and foxes. I also enjoy writing manga and anime.”

Do you have a favourite book? 
“My favourite book is ‘Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness.’ It has some hilarious jokes in it, and I think Homer’s attitude keeps him from getting stressed out.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
“I want to live on the Gold Coast and be a full-time Chiweenie (Chihuahua-Dachshund mix) owner. For a living, I’d like to be an animator. I’m also keen to learn Japanese, Icelandic, and Dutch.”

Do you have a message for the people who will be reading this?
“Don’t give up until cows drive firetrucks.”


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