I CAN Goes North


This past week, our Chief Enabling Officer Chris Varney and Mentor/Speaker extraordinaire Elise Muller travelled more than 1300 kilometres to Brisbane, in a flying metal cylinder powered by the remains of organisms that lived before the dinosaurs.

Their mission: to establish I CAN Network in Queensland.

Long story short, it went very well. While the situation is still developing (we’ll keep you posted!) Chris reports that they met with the Deputy Director General of Education, and that a number of Catholic, Government, and Independent schools are lined up.

Our current plans are to build a local Network there throughout this year, and to roll out our schools program, which has seen so much success here in Victoria, to Queensland in 2018.

We’re tremendously excited to be bringing our Rethink on Awetism north. We know it works, and the more people on the spectrum we can reach and empower, the brighter the future will be not only for those on the spectrum, but for us all.


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