It’s Open Season


Bonjour lovely people, and welcome to the futuristic world of February 2017, where supercomputers fit in your pocket, video games look almost photorealistic, but there is still no cure for the common cold.

I come with glad tidings; applications are now open for I CAN Network’s camps for this year, and you can lodge an expression of interest at the following link:

Our camps are by people on the spectrum, for people on the spectrum, and they always get rave reviews from attendees. The following are direct quotes from those who attended our camps last year:

“I had a wonderful time at the I CAN camp this past May. The whole event was fun and inclusive. I felt welcome, a feeling that often eludes me at most places I go. But to feel welcome and included was a heart-warming change and exactly what I, and others, need. The camp also helped me make some wonderful friends, many of which I hope to stay friends with for a long time. I had a great time and I can’t wait to go on another camp.”

“I had the best time at camp – I finally found my people – Everyone’s the same, everyone’s like me.”

Our camps are about celebrating strengths, challenge by choice, and building networks of support and friendship for young people on the spectrum. They’re also just plain great fun. While places are limited, we will do our best to ensure as many people as possible get a chance to take part. Still, better get in there fast; they’re very in demand, and we think that says a lot about how awesome they are.


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