Spectrum Showcase: Lauren Winbanks


Those of us on the spectrum often have an intense passion for something, and this is often where our greatest strengths lie. For Lauren Winbanks, that passion is LEGO.

When Lauren was diagnosed at the age of 4, her mother was told she was too “low functioning” to ever amount to anything. In grade prep, her school said she would not be able to complete mainstream schooling. Last year she finished VCE, and she is currently training for the Special Olympics in Dressage/Equestrian, and takes part in LEGO shows and exhibitions across Australia.

The piece shown here, a piano built entirely from LEGO parts, is a collaboration between Lauren and her mother Dianne, and is currently in the running to become a commercial set at LEGO’s Ideas website.

Lauren and her mother are a shining example of the power of the I CAN philosophy; that when we support people on the spectrum and focus on what they CAN do, they can shatter the glass ceiling of negative stereotypes and achieve great things.

If you would like to vote for Lauren’s piano to be chosen by LEGO as a new set, you can do so here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/169730


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