Spectrum Showcase: Jazmyn Shaw

Greetings fellow humans, and welcome to yet another showcase of spectrum talent. Our most recent Teens camp was held this past weekend, and through it we got to meet many truly remarkable young people. One of them was Jazmyn Shaw, a writer and artist, who was kind enough to let us share some of her marvellous work. Check it out!

Max Williams, Editor


“The soft dappled light of the full moon shone across the river. It made the rippling water sparkle. The only sound was the soft ripple of the water and the whispering trees beyond the river. Small shapes darted in the water, sometimes moving against the current.

A great howl ripped into the silence, and a large black shape bounded out of the bushes. A shadow fell on the water and made the little shapes scatter in alarm. The large creature snorted and blew a flurry of steam into the cold night air. It stepped into the moonlight, revealing a muzzle with scars running from its eye to its nose.”

By Jazmyn Shaw, 14


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