The I CAN Awards: Second Half 2017

It’s that time again; when we at I CAN Network hand out our bi-annual awards for excellence, as voted by our staff. And the winners are…

The Lumiere Award: For superb customer service

Kate Andrews

The Tigger Award: For irrepressible enthusiasm

Lydia Zahra

 The Mr Miyagi Award: For a particularly magnificent individual mentor

Carla Burn

 The Mario & Luigi Award: For two people who make an unbeatable team

James Cifuentes and Fiona Moore

 The Fraulein Maria Award: For an especially excellent group mentor

Kate Moon

 The Sonic the Hedgehog Award: For getting things done ahead of schedule

Danielle Kutchel

 The McGuyver Award: For problem solving, improvisation and cool new ideas

Kristen Callow

 The Neville Longbottom Award: For a particularly courageous transformation

Jarod Phillips

The Sam Gamgee Award: For going above and beyond the call of duty

Daniel Munter


A big shout out to all our winners, and to the entire extended I CAN family!


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