Bin working wheelie hard

Finding work can be a challenging task, especially for those of us on the spectrum; job interviews often don’t play to our strengths, and sadly many workplaces still don’t grasp the benefits of hiring autistics.

Clay Lewis, 16, was having trouble finding an after-school job. Not to be deterred, he started his own, cleaning people’s wheelie bins. Turns out he found a niche in the market; he now has more demand than he can keep up with, and reckons that if he wasn’t busy with school, he could do it full time!

Clay lives in Queensland, where I CAN Network recently established a branch. We were able to refer him to the wonderful Fiona Moore, who along with Clay’s Mum Laura helped him to set up his bin-cleaning business.

His resourcefulness and determination are a shining example of the qualities autistics can bring to the workplace. He has received glowing feedback from his clients and is known for going the extra mile and putting 110% into his work.

So what’s next for Clay? Well, his current plans are to learn to drive, and eventually live independently in a unit on the Gold Coast. While we wish him the best of luck, we’re sure he won’t need it, as he’s clearly capable of making his own way!

Max Williams, Editor


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