The power of creations

The therapeutic value of artistic expression is well known, and contrary to stereotypes, many of us on the spectrum have a creative streak, as we have seen in the many Spectrum Showcases we’ve done over the years here on Grapevine.

Whether it be drawing, writing, colouring, knitting, painting, coding, or LEGO, creating can be an excellent stress buster. For a start, it gives us something to focus on apart from what’s stressing us. For another, the process can give us a sense of structure; when the world is a chaotic place, building something that follows our own sense of logic and order can be very comforting.

This colourful creation is the handiwork of the awesome Luke Frost

Perhaps most importantly though; art is communication, as we saw in our last Spectrum Showcase where Jonathan Sunarho used his drawings to open a dialogue with his family. The creations of autistic minds convey our experience of the world. I CAN Network’s vision is of a society that benefits from embracing autism, and for that to happen, an understanding of how autistics experience the world is essential.

Here on Grapevine, we are committed to being a platform where autistic voices are heard, and that includes showcasing our creative endeavours. If you or someone you know is on the spectrum and has something to share with us, please get in touch; this blog exists to give people like you an online springboard.

Any submissions are welcome and can be sent to [email protected]

Stay tuned for more spectrum content, and have a Magnificent March!

Max Williams, Editor

Crochet taken to a whole ‘nother level by the marvellous Michelle Worsley


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