Humans on the Autism Spectrum returns for 2018

“Autism helps me to be creative because I use my brain and it turns anything into something beautiful.” – Chloe

If you’ve been following I CAN Network for a while, you will have heard of our initiative “Humans on the Autism Spectrum”, which we run in April to celebrate the incredible stories of, well, humans on the autism spectrum.

This year, we’re back, with a whole new set of remarkable individuals who have offered to share their experiences and perspectives. These will be posted on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts throughout the month; please check them out, and follow us on these sites for more spectrum content.

Here at I CAN Network, our mission is to showcase the strengths of autism and to help build a society where we are valued and embraced. The Humans on the Autism Spectrum initiative is an important part of this, and it is our privilege to be able to offer a platform for autistic voices to be heard.

Enjoy, and have an Amazing April!
Max Williams, Editor


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