Over to you: 5 ways you can support I CAN Network

For a series based on the number five, the fifth entry seems like a natural conclusion. And so, with
our 5 th birthday celebration just a few days off, I present to you the season finale of our Grapevine
series commemorating half a decade of I CAN Network.

Our growth as a movement has been driven by the grassroots efforts of people like you; here are
five ways in which you can help us to reach and empower even more Autistics.

a gathering of I Can awesomeness

Share the TED Talks that kick-started our movement
Chris Varney and Tim Chan’s TED presentations back in 2013 laid the foundation for our Rethink on
Autism, moving away from a deficits-based model and towards a more positive strengths-based
approach. You can help to spread this Rethink by sharing these talks, which can be found here and

Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates
You’re already in the right place to find our latest blogs, but you can also follow us on Facebook and
Twitter to stay up to date with camps, mentoring and employment opportunities, and other
developments in our ongoing mission.

Invite one of our speakers to present to your school or workplace
Here at I CAN Network, we have a Speaker’s Agency filled to the brim with Autistic talent and insight,
and you can book one of us from our website. As we say here at I CAN, if you want to know about
Autism, ask an Autistic!

Make a donation
In addition to accepting one-off and ongoing donations on our website, I CAN Network also runs
fundraisers such as Awegust for Awetism. Every dollar helps us to not only mentor more autistics,
but also to employ more in paid roles. $150 can fund the training of an autistic mentor. $250
provides a full scholarship for a young person to attend one of our hugely successful I CAN Camps.
Your contribution will help to build a better future for people on the spectrum.

Become an I CAN Champion
Ask almost anyone at I CAN Network, and we’ll tell you that at a pivotal point in our lives we had
someone who championed us, believed in us, and went to bat for us in life. You can be that person
for one, several, or countless autistics simply by helping to build a more inclusive and accepting
world. Look for ways to make your school or workplace more spectrum-friendly. Call out bullying
and exclusion when you see it. Support and empower the autistics in your life by treating them with
respect and kindness. Be the change you wish to see.

Thank you so much for being a part of our five-year journey so far, and stick around; we’re just
getting started!

Max Williams, Editor


Follow our movement.