CEO Chris Varney nominated as Australian of the Year

chris varney nominated australian of the year vic

We are delighted to announce that our very own Chief Enabling Officer, Chris Varney, is a nominee for the 2019 Victorian Australian of the Year Awards.

Chris’s vision of a Rethink on Autism, a shift from a deficits-focussed approach to a strengths-based one, has touched and benefitted the lives of thousands of Autistics, including over 800 kids and teenagers who have taken part in our mentoring programs, and our core team of 29 Autistic adults who have gained paid employment through I CAN Network.

His passion, dedication and ingenuity have driven a profound shift in how Autism is perceived in our community, and helped contribute to a brighter future not only for those of us on the Spectrum, but also for our society as a whole.

We offer him our sincerest congratulations, and wish him all the best!

Max Williams, Editor


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