Humans on the Autism Spectrum: Declan Clayton

Aloha friends; those of you who’ve followed I CAN for a while will know about our series Humans on the Autism Spectrum, traditionally held throughout the month of April. Well, with so many awesome folks out there, we figured we’d make it a regular feature throughout the year so we can share even more stories.

Today, say hello to Declan Clayton!

Declan Clayton

Declan is into history (particularly the World Wars) and movies. His current favourite film is last year’s Dunkirk, as it combines both interests.

He also practices karate. He’s spent 6 years working with his up through the belts, and this June he earned his black belt; an impressive achievement that few people attain.

Declan cites his parents and his sister Kate as his personal I CAN Network, and says his autism helps him to focus on the things he wants to accomplish.

His advice to our readers; “you can do anything you set your mind to, even if you are told you cannot.”

Max Williams, Editor


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