Awetism Expo 2018: A one-day museum of wisdom

On the 16th of November, we held our fourth annual Awetism Expo; a day where we book out a space for Autistics to give presentations on their special interests and talents.

This year’s lineup was as extraordinary as ever; we had a young man in Year 7 give a talk on his plans to reorganize public transport in his hometown to run more efficiently, planned out to the smallest detail. He’s even made a map of the new routes and all the timetables they would run to.

We had a young woman in Year 9, (who has her own jewellery business, Moonlight Creations Australia) give a talk on vintage cars; it’s not every day you meet someone who before the age of 16 can fix a 1920s sedan!

I could go on forever listing them all. We had budding scientists, artists, dancers, singers, programmers, writers, and more. The diverse strengths of the spectrum were given a platform to flourish, and the results were truly beautiful.

All in all, we had 29 presentations throughout the day, as well as 10 ongoing exhibits, and a total of 280 people in attendance. With so many people it could get a bit intense at times, so we had a Recharge Space ready where people could go to get some peace and quiet and take a break. It was a lot to manage, but thanks to the hard work of our staff and volunteers, it all went as smooth as molten caramel.

We’d like to give a big thank you to ANZ Bank for hosting Awetism Expo this year, as well as to our MC Carla Burn, our team who donated their time and energy to making it happen, and to every single person who turned up and took part.

It’s days like this that show what a radiant future we have to look forward to if we embrace and nurture the positives of Autism.

Max Williams, Editor


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