A Change in Perspective

Last weekend saw I CAN Network’s first camp of 2019, at the Doxa facility in Western Victoria.

It was the 14th such camp I personally have worked on, yet I still never ceased to be amazed by the remarkable young Autistics I meet on them. Being surrounded by so many brave and unique individuals was truly inspiring, and at our writing workshop, I tried to put into words how important it is to see the spectrum from the right perspective.

This poem was the result.

A shattered mirror stretching as far as the horizon,

A trillion splintered planes,

In stillness, jagged chaos,

In motion, a rolling sea,

The ocean isn’t broken,

It’s not meant to be perfect.

Max Williams, Editor

Originally posted at: //japanmax89.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/a-change-in-perspective/



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