Spectrum Showcase: Shemya Prender, 15

This past weekend saw our latest I CAN Camp, at Cooriemungle in western Victoria. As usual, we ran a writing workshop there; the following piece comes from an awesome young writer named Shemya, who was kind enough to let us share her work.


Max Williams, Editor

‘Peridot green hair cascades down her pale figure. The prickly winter breezes sends a ripple of shivers down her spine, though she does not close the window.

She pulls her sweater down over her head, its black wool scratching and ripping at her skin. “Atticus!” She calls from the window in her honey voice.

A small fox, chittering in reply, patters over from the forest, his wildfire fur burning beneath the light of the sun. A green tree frog rides on his back, his soft croak startling the fox for a moment before he continues his journey. He nudges open the door to be greeted by a loving embrace.

Sage smiles at him. “Atticus,” her eyes drift to his back, spotting and miniscule frog, “and scout!”

She stands up, the antique floorboards creaking beneath her weight. She wanders into her kitchen, the dirty white walls covered in herbs and spices from all over the world. A sweet scent fills the room, reminding her of autumn, her favourite season.

Sage smiles, her whole being filled to the brim with joy.’

Shemya Prender, 15, I CAN Camp participant


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