Navigating High School: Tips for Autistic Students from Autistic Young Adults

No one has a better understanding of what it’s like to navigate high school as an Autistic student than those of us with firsthand experience. We have 33 Autistic team members at I CAN, and even though the details of our individual journeys might differ, we can all relate in some meaningful way to what our younger Autistic peers are facing. It’s important that Autistic young people know that they are not alone.

To this end, four of our mentors ‒ Kyal, Caitlin, Jarod and Patrick, all Autistic young adults ‒ recently recorded their advice and encouragement for Autistic students who might need some peer support and assurances as they face the school year. There is also a downloadable tip sheet below.

WEBINAR #2 – Navigating High School: Tips and Encouragement from Young Autistic Adults 

TIP SHEET #2 Navigating High School: Tips for Autistic Students from Autistic Young Adults 

Our first WEBINAR #1 and accompanying TIP SHEET #1 have been created for parents and carers of Autistic students: the details can be found here. 

Thanks to wonderful sponsorship from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria, we have five more webinars and related tip sheets that we will be sharing publicly in the coming months. Each webinar and related tips will be put together by panels of Autistic young adults from our team speaking directly to their younger Autistic peers.

Our team will be covering really important topics: from managing the demands of young adult life to support and encouragement for Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people to developing self-advocacy skills and more.

We also will be sharing these and other valuable materials via this website, our newsletter (subscribe here) and via our Facebook page,  so please pass them along to anyone who might benefit.

We are very proud to showcase so many Autistic voices and hope that these resources will help Autistic young people and their families. Thanks for your continued support of our work!

Chris – Founder & Chief Enabling Officer, I CAN Network


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