I CAN Camps are for teenagers and young adults who want to empower themselves to say ‘I CAN’ and develop a social network of other young people on the spectrum.

“Before I came to this network I felt like a social nobody. Now I feel like a somebody.”

“My friends have been using ‘Autism’ as an insult in their home. After camp I felt I had the confidence to tell them about my Asperger’s and my experience of Autism.”

“Next September I’ll be 18 and I want to come back to camp as a Facilitator.”

2019 I CAN Camps Information

We are now accepting Expressions of Interest for our 2019 I CAN Teens camps. Please click on the EOI link below to express your interest for one of our camps, or if you have any questions regarding our camps, please email our Camps Coordinator.

During 2019, the I CAN Network will be running 3 Teens Camps for young people on the Autism Spectrum in Years 7-9 at school (ages 12-15 yrs). Two of these camps are located at the Doxa Camp in Malmsbury, Victoria and the third camp will be held at Camp Cooriemungle in South West Victoria

All I CAN Camps are two and a half day residential camps. Personal development, building self-confidence, embracing Autistic pride, connecting with others, and saying ‘I CAN!’ is a strong focus of our camps.

During our camps we run a range of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, archery, team exercises and horsemanship. Participants also take part in a number of workshops that suit a wide variety of skills and interests such as writing, drawing, painting, music, construction and performance arts. Another of our Teen Camps main attractions is the ‘Dress to Obsess’ night, where participants are invited to dress up as their special interest and hit the dance floor loud and proud!

Teen Camp – Doxa Malmsbury (Malmsbury, Victoria)
24th – 26th May 2019, &  9th – 11th August 2019
Our May and August Teens Camp venue is the Doxa campsite near Malmsbury in the leafy wilderness north of Melbourne. The site offers a fantastic setting, accommodation, catering and outdoor activities. You can read more about the site here

South West Teens Camp – Camp Cooriemungle (Cooriemungle, South West)
25th October – 27th October 2019
The South West Teens Camp venue for 2019 is Camp Cooriemungle. The site is located at Cooriemungle, in South West Victoria and offers exciting activities, great accommodation and beautiful surroundings. You can read more about the site here

Please complete your Expression of Interest for a 2019 I CAN Camp by clicking on the link below


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