Mind your Manors

Starting in term three of this school year, the I Can Network will be expanding its mentoring program to Manor Lakes P-12 school. Our mentoring team has been meeting regularly with staff at Manor Lakes for several months now, to ensure we meet the specific needs of the school and

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The Next Generation

It may be hard to believe, but just 20 months ago, the I Can Network was comprised of three people. Now, we number more than fifty. While many of us are grizzled veterans who’ve been around since the prehistoric mists of late 2013/early 2014, something truly exciting has begun to

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May the 4th be with us

The I Can Network is no stranger to camps; last month we held our fourth. But this one was different. It was our biggest to date, with about forty participants aged 14 to 18. We also had some new ideas to try out, ones we’d never trialled at a camp

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Fun(d) times

Over the last two months, our mentoring program fundraiser has brought in approximately $6000 towards our goal of $10,000. This money will go towards paying for transport and accommodation at our camps and other events, training our mentors in mental health first aid, and providing guest presenters. If we raise

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Great Aspectations

The I Can Network has some formidable achievements under our belt, but this may just be our crowning jewel to date; a double win at the Aspect National Recognition Awards. These are held once a year, to celebrate the achievements of people on the autism spectrum. This year, not only

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Heralding the need for change

The Aspect awards weren’t Chris’s only home run this month either. He also wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, concerning the case of an autistic child who was shut in a cage-like structure at school in Canberra. Incidents like this show why the I

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The value of volunteering

Autism and employment can have relationship a little like water and sodium. For some it works out fine, but for others, well… water meet sodium. After University, I wanted to enter the workforce, but my experience with 9 hour work days on study placement taught me that constant bombardment of

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