Heralding the need for change

The Aspect awards weren’t Chris’s only home run this month either. He also wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, concerning the case of an autistic child who was shut in a cage-like structure at school in Canberra. Incidents like this show why the I

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The value of volunteering

Autism and employment can have relationship a little like water and sodium. For some it works out fine, but for others, well… water meet sodium. After University, I wanted to enter the workforce, but my experience with 9 hour work days on study placement taught me that constant bombardment of

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The I Can Young Adults Camp 2015: another slam dunk!

Last year’s Young Adults Camp was the I Can Network’s first, and it was a valuable (if occasionally terrifying!) learning experience. For our second time around, we wanted to smooth over the potholes, but also try new ideas. We changed locations to the Doxa facility near Malmsbury, where we held

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We have a winner!

One of the juicier grapes in the I Can Network’s vineyard is Great Minds Don’t Think alike, a radio show about neurodiversity and the issues surrounding it, masterminded by our own Julia Pillai. If you’re reading this, there’s a fair to “it’ll rain in Melbourne today” chance you’ve read or

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A controversial issue in the sphere of autism support at the moment is that many organizations who claim to represent people on the spectrum don’t actually have anyone autistic in their staff. (The I Can Network, for the record, is almost entirely run by people with autism, myself included) A

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Penny for your thoughts

First off, this one comes with an apology; I was supposed to post this ages ago, but through a prolonged chain of mishaps and moving schedules, it kept getting postponed. Sorry for the wait Penny, but we got there in the end! Anyway, last year, I Can Ambassador and Walking

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Mentor Training

**Mentoring that shares the strengths of the Spectrum** It might be Valentine’s Day, but that’s all the more reason to catch up with the ‘I CAN’ crew! Fun times, ridiculous games, quirky tales and inspirational ‘I CAN’ talks are guaranteed. Any young adult or teenager on the spectrum/ or connected

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Special interests: the secret sauce of motivation

One of the hallmarks of autism is a remarkable focus on certain subjects that are of interest to us. These topics are so enjoyable and intriguing that we can be intensely driven, living encyclopaedias we it comes to them. For instance, if there was a pHD in Godzilla movies or

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