Guest Blog: Harnessing the Aspergian Mind (And Heart)

After reading a friend’s blog over two years ago, (“Asperger’s from the Inside”) I began to feel like pieces of a puzzle were clicking into place. I had just been through a very trying time dealing with people who kept dumping their problems on me, and I wondered why people

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CEO Chris Varney nominated as Australian of the Year

We are delighted to announce that our very own Chief Enabling Officer, Chris Varney, is a nominee for the 2019 Victorian Australian of the Year Awards. Chris’s vision of a Rethink on Autism, a shift from a deficits-focussed approach to a strengths-based one, has touched and benefitted the lives of

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Spectrum Celebrities: 5 famous Autistics

Greetings fellow mammals! As I CAN Network’s 5th birthday approaches, our Top 5 series continues here on Grapevine. Today we’ll be looking at some famous folks on the spectrum; enjoy! Daryl Hannah With a resume including classics such as Blade Runner and Kill Bill, Daryl’s acting career spans four decades.

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Who You Gonna Call? Stress Busters!

5 coping mechanisms for Autistics Stress and anxiety are a part of life for almost everyone, but especially those of us on the Autism Spectrum. As part of our 5th Birthday Series, today we’ll be looking at 5 ways to smash anxiety and cope with stress. Let’s a-go! Exercise It’s

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AWEgust for AWEtism is here!

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again! For those unfamiliar with it, AWEgust for AWEtism is an annual fundraiser run by the I CAN Network, the proceeds of which go towards providing our mentoring, camps, and other support programs for Autistics. Since its debut in 2015, the money

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