Spectrum Showcase: Eliana Gelsi, 12

Aloha fellow mammals! At I CAN Network’s most recent camp for students on the spectrum, I had the privilege of meeting Eliana Gelsi, an extraordinary young artist whose beautifully surreal drawings really caught my eye. Eliana loves manga, birds, and going for walks in nature. She tells me that the

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Spectrum Showcase: Narmi Collins-Widders, 13

G’day fellow humans! In this edition of Grapevine, we’d like to introduce you to a truly awesome young woman; Narmi, who is a budding artist, a navy cadet, a proud member of the indigenous Anaiwan nation, and Autistic. As you can see for yourself, Narmi has a remarkable talent for

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I CAN Network joins forces with Different Journeys

For some time now, I CAN Network have had the privilege of working with Different Journeys, a community-led organization that runs peer group dinners for teens and adults on the spectrum. Different Journeys has seen spectacular growth over the last two years, and starting this year, we are thrilled to

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Humans on the Autism Spectrum returns for 2018

“Autism helps me to be creative because I use my brain and it turns anything into something beautiful.” – Chloe If you’ve been following I CAN Network for a while, you will have heard of our initiative “Humans on the Autism Spectrum”, which we run in April to celebrate the

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The power of creations

The therapeutic value of artistic expression is well known, and contrary to stereotypes, many of us on the spectrum have a creative streak, as we have seen in the many Spectrum Showcases we’ve done over the years here on Grapevine. Whether it be drawing, writing, colouring, knitting, painting, coding, or

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Spectrum Showcase: Jonathan Sunarho

Many great artists start young; they say Mozart, who some theorize may have been on the spectrum, completed his first symphony at the age of 9. Jonathan Sunarho from Castle Hill is 9 as well, and is already a prolific artist. Diagnosed as autistic at the age of 3, he

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I CAN blossoms in the Sunshine State

G’day folks, and welcome to the next instalment of our blog series where we hear from branches of I CAN Network outside our original Melbourne hub. Our guest this time is James Cifuentes from I CAN Queensland, who’s here to offer a look at how our program is faring in

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I CAN Story: Flight over Fright

You know those things that just scare the heck out of you beyond all rational reason? For me, one such fear was flying. We’ve all heard the statistics, that they’re one of the safest ways to travel, but somehow that doesn’t always reassure a brain that, biologically speaking, hasn’t changed

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Bin working wheelie hard

Finding work can be a challenging task, especially for those of us on the spectrum; job interviews often don’t play to our strengths, and sadly many workplaces still don’t grasp the benefits of hiring autistics. Clay Lewis, 16, was having trouble finding an after-school job. Not to be deterred, he

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