What I CAN means to our mentees

Last month, the students of our Nagle College program were asked to create a visual conveying what the I CAN Network meant to them. The results were so good we just had to share them. Check it out!

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Spectrum Showcase: Jazmyn Shaw

Greetings fellow humans, and welcome to yet another showcase of spectrum talent. Our most recent Teens camp was held this past weekend, and through it we got to meet many truly remarkable young people. One of them was Jazmyn Shaw, a writer and artist, who was kind enough to let

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I CAN Story: Frances Brett

High school was one of the biggest rollercoasters of my life. It was the place where I took a talent I found in primary school and trained it. I preferred to interact with the girls in year levels other than mine, be that older or younger. I remember in Year

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Bryce Pace, Autistic Ace

Yet another I CANer has won an award for his work as an advocate; this time, it’s the outstanding Mr Bryce Pace, who this month took home a Victorian Disability Award. Bryce is a leader in I CAN South West, our Network for regional Western Victoria, and a member of

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Awegust Update

Hey there lovely people! As we pass the midway point of the month, I thought it would be nice to take the time to acknowledge the magnificent achievements of this year’s Awegust for Awetism campaign thus far. As I write this, our total funds raised stand at over $18,000. 49

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Awegust for Awetism: Round 3!

It’s that time of year again; I CAN Network’s annual month-long campaign in which we raise money for our mentoring and camp programs, expanding their reach so that more young people on the spectrum have the opportunity to benefit from our Rethink on Awetism. So, how does it work? Well,

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I CAN Story: Adam Walton

I CAN Network is all about peer mentoring; by people on the spectrum, for people on the spectrum. Today we’re sharing the story of one of our marvelous mentors, Adam Walton, and how he overcame his fears to get to where he is today. Enjoy! – Max Williams, Editor “I

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Mentoring for the first time

At I CAN Network, we’re always on the lookout for young people on the spectrum who we think would make great mentors. One of our most recent members to take this step is Lana Wheatfil, pictured below, (third from the left) who made her debut as an assistant mentor at

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