I CAN Story: Flight over Fright

You know those things that just scare the heck out of you beyond all rational reason? For me, one such fear was flying. We’ve all heard the statistics, that they’re one of the safest ways to travel, but somehow that doesn’t always reassure a brain that, biologically speaking, hasn’t changed

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Bin working wheelie hard

Finding work can be a challenging task, especially for those of us on the spectrum; job interviews often don’t play to our strengths, and sadly many workplaces still don’t grasp the benefits of hiring autistics. Clay Lewis, 16, was having trouble finding an after-school job. Not to be deterred, he

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The I CAN Awards: Second Half 2017

It’s that time again; when we at I CAN Network hand out our bi-annual awards for excellence, as voted by our staff. And the winners are… The Lumiere Award: For superb customer service Kate Andrews The Tigger Award: For irrepressible enthusiasm Lydia Zahra  The Mr Miyagi Award: For a particularly

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On the borderline: I CAN Ovens & Murray

On the borderline: I CAN Ovens & Murray Back in May last year, we began work on establishing a branch of I CAN Network in Albury-Wodonga, twin cities straddling both the Murray River and the border of Victoria and New South Wales. A lot has happened since then, so we

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Imagination Day 2017

Earlier this month, I CAN Network held our second annual Imagination Day; an event where all our primary school groups come together to share their awesome creations and interests. It was also a great opportunity for the students to connect with their peers in other schools. There were over 70

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I CAN Kyabram – Chilled Folks

While Melbourne may be the nerve centre of I CAN Network at the moment, that doesn’t mean it’s our only focus; for the past few years we’ve been establishing and developing branches elsewhere, so that we can offer our programs to those who don’t happen to live in the City

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The 101

Recently you may have heard the above phrase and wondered “what’s that all about?” Well, it refers to 101 recommendations for how to make Victoria more inclusive and supportive for people on the spectrum; recommendations derived from an 18 month inquiry by the Victorian Family and Community Services Committee. These

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AWEtism 2017: Celebrating the Spectrum

November the 17th will be a very special day for I CAN Network; it’s the day we’re holding our annual expo where we showcase the talents and abilities of the students in our secondary schools program. Our doors are also open to anyone on the spectrum aged 12-19 who would

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What I CAN means to our mentees

Last month, the students of our Nagle College program were asked to create a visual conveying what the I CAN Network meant to them. The results were so good we just had to share them. Check it out!

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