Ben, 18.

I’m Ben, I’m 18 and I am in Year 12 at Mary Mackillop College in Leongatha. I’ve lived in the small country town of Mirboo North my whole life. I’m planning to study statistics at university, probably because my ‘special interests’ are maths and numbers. My dream job would be a NBA or NBL statistician, as basketball is also one of my interests.

As long as I can remember, my family has instilled in me that I can do anything. So situations when I’ve been told I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do something are scarce, despite having still experienced many challenges.

There was a time during Year 9 where I found myself between friendship groups, and this left me without many real friends, especially at school. The time at which this happened was right before the I CAN Network came into my life, and my first I CAN camp towards the end of Year 9 allowed me to find new friends who helped me through that period at school. The I CAN community has allowed me to bond with new people, and has shown me that there are other people like me out there. It supports people on the Autism Spectrum through tough times in all aspects of their life.

I have been able to put myself in a position to succeed through the support systems that I’m lucky to have – my family, friends, and the I CAN Network. The I CAN Network has enabled me to do more with my own life through the support they give, and the way in which we’re changing the general public’s perception of Autism. The I CAN community gives me the tools to overcome the negative perceptions of others.

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