Carla, 21.

I like comedy, social justice, and classic literature. I want to work in the criminal justice system when I become a social worker. I am a passionate, humorous, and an emotionally intelligent person.

When I was at school I felt misunderstood – like people didn’t know who I really was. In Year 8, one of my teachers doubted I could do a full book presentation in front of my class, but then I went and did it anyway and blew her mind. That year I was one of the top of the class and got offered to do enhanced English the next year. I was able to do this by disagreeing with what people thought I couldn’t do. I have a habit of doing the opposite of what people expect – of proving people wrong.

At I CAN, I don't feel so lost and like such an inconvenience. No one doubts me.

When I left school I came across the I CAN Network, and I gained the strength to open my true self up to the world and stop suppressing the real me. The I CAN community makes you feel important and as though you have a purpose in the world. At I CAN, I don’t feel so lost and like such an inconvenience. No one doubts me. I feel like a real person that is capable of doing good and making a real a difference with my talents.

Now, I associate Autism with strength and passion. I love being an Aspie. Even though it can be challenging sometimes, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Through the I CAN Network, Carla is now working hard to celebrate the individual strengths of people on the Autism Spectrum. Join us by donating or giving monthly to create employment opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum, and to support schools and workplaces to celebrate their individual strengths.

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