Lana, 15.

I am a secondary school student who is passionate about English, particularly writing creative stories and reading anything of interest. I love history and enjoy watching television shows like Game of Thrones and Supernatural. I would like to pursue studies in psychology. But I may change my mind.

I felt isolated in primary school in Grade 6 because friendship groups in my year level were going through a lot of drama and I didn’t know what that meant or how to deal with it. I wasn’t able to overcome that feeling of isolation until I moved away to secondary school. At my new school, I was able to make several new friends who really understood me and were able to support me. I now have a large support network that include members of the school staff, my occupational therapist, my parents, and my friends. Without this network, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am today.

The I CAN Network helps people on the Autism Spectrum feel included, confident, and celebrated by showing that Autism is a positive thing, not a negative. They make me and others feel valued, like we are part of a community. By sharing stories of people on the Autism Spectrum overcoming negativity and overwhelming odds, the I CAN Network shows that people with Autism can do anything. We shouldn’t let anything stop us.

Autism means I am able to think outside of the box, with a different and unique perspective.

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