Lochie, 17.

I’m a 17 year old guy, who’s completing Year 12. I’m into games, anime, being active, acting, art, music and much more. I have great family and friends around me that support me: my dad, my older brother Nathan, my mum, my little sister, my little brother, my dad’s wife, my mum’s partner, my grandparents, and my friends Adam, Sienna, Connor, Maddie, Izzy, and many more.

Late last year, my school told me I wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressures of Year 12, and that I should stay down a year. I moved schools and am currently thriving and smashing through the work. I was able to overcome these negative expectations by relying on those who I could trust. Their support throughout the year has made it easier to move schools and focus on my work. I have been able to prove them wrong by staying true to myself, and allowing others to help when I need it.

The I CAN Network supports those on the Autism Spectrum by providing a network of people of whom can be relied on for support or advice or even just friendship. I CAN gives people on the Spectrum a place to thrive, and a place to prove to others and themselves that they are more than the stereotype.

To me, Autism is not a negative, it’s not a setback. It’s simply a part of who I am. It’s something that helps me to mature, and it’s something which has led to me being able to help others. Autism makes me different, and that is a blessing.

Join us by donating or giving monthly to create employment opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum, and to support schools and workplaces to celebrate their individual strengths.

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