Isaac, 16.

I’m a 2D animator. I don’t think I thought of myself as good when I started, or that I have any sort of talent for it over other things. I just kept doing it over and over until I got good at it because I thought it was fun.
When I animate I shoot to animate as well as I possibly can then next time shoot even further than that. Sometimes I feel like I’m not drawing fast enough or I’m rushing it. Sometimes I even delete drawings and draw them again because I’m unhappy with the movement. But in the end, I’m usually proud of myself.
If not for my autistic traits I don’t think I’d be as good at animation as I am now. My obsession with animation has caused me to pour countless hours into doing it. I have an obsession with schedules too, so I always animate for around 7-10 hours a day without fail (unless something comes up that causes me to be away from my computer). I also care a lot about subtleties in animation and art that nobody could notice. They’re the things you can’t see but you can feel it (like the certain way you’d draw hair or hands), I personally find these things important.
I get my ideas from anime. I really appreciate the Japanese animation style and I try to imitate that. But when it comes to ideas for characters, stories or drawings there are ideas all around you in every encounter you have or every movie you watch. You just need to look for them.
I display my work on Twitter.

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