Nicholas, 14.

Nicholas’s mum says, “Nicholas was about 5 when he was diagnosed, just after kinder, so he had no real idea of what was happening other than that he liked his speech sessions with our lovely speech therapist we found.

His feelings have changed as he has grown, and grown into his Autism. Nicholas is aware of his differences, but tries very hard now he is a bit older to curb any strange habits that he knows make other people look at him differently. He is not ashamed of his autism, he is quite happy to tell people he has autism, in a hope that they accept and understand his additional needs or differences. Nicholas just opens up and says ‘I have autism’, he will explain to people that it can make him make some strange facial expressions or chat to himself. He also happily explains that with his autism he made need a little more time to make a decision or process a situation.”

Nicholas says, “Autism makes me an awesome artist and also gives me the power to see things like maps and remember every detail. I have been going to guitar lessons since grade 5, I enjoy it very much and I can play heaps of songs. I love to draw every day, I enjoy traveling overseas with my parents, and swimming with my Dad, and I love love love collecting DVD’s, I have so many favourite movies.
I have shown my artworks to family and friends, and hope that in the future I can show more people, I just have to work out how to get it out there.”

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