Solomon, 18.

I am currently looking for work. I believe my previous workplace was inclusive. I was a kitchenhand and I was let go due to a lack of growth in the business. The job search process mostly takes time, but it can be hard to find employers wanting new people. Autism gives you incredibly loyal employees focused on getting the jobs done and people with Autism help employers improve the system for all workers.
When I was told I have Autism I felt confused and didn’t know really what it changed. Since then, I feel I have more knowledge on the Autism community. In general, unless it is required, I don’t tell new people, but I can tell them what Autism can mean for me. For me some of the benefits of Autism are my focus and some of my humour.
In my spare time I play on the computer, go out and play lawn bowls. My parents, my friends and my support workers are my I CAN network. I am saying I CAN to life, to never giving up and always supporting people. To me, my Autism means I see the world as equal and I’m always wanting to help people. People need to stop fighting in general and everyone should help people through their struggles.
My favourite movie character is John Keating from Dead Poets Society because he was played by Robin Williams and he shows why we all need to let go some time.

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