Ben, 17.

I enjoy basketball, video games and tech. Last year, to fundraise for the AWEgust for Autism campaign, I gave up my Playstation 4 for a month. I enjoyed raising money and raising awareness, but I’m not doing that again! I have been a camp mentor at a couple of the I CAN Network camps. I enjoy being a mentor a lot, and I mostly enjoy the opportunity to give back to the network and help to give others the same positive experience I had as a camp participant.

Autism to the wider society is a moot discussion, nobody can talk about it. My experience has been that Autism is most often seen as a disadvantage (when it IS discussed) and that people with Autism are treated as a deficit.

People on the Spectrum are useful to society in so many ways. We have many strengths, and can contribute, just as anyone can.  We also have strengths that others don’t have, and can perceive and interpret situations in different ways, offering a perspective and understanding that might not be otherwise seen.

A world that embraces Autism is a world in which it is considered a set of skills, not a disorder. A world in which people recognise the attributes and skills of people on the Spectrum as being gifts and not as deficits.

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As a mentor, Ben empowers and celebrates young people on the Autism Spectrum, ensuring that our world benefits from embracing Autism. With your support, we can provide sponsored places at our camps for the young people that need us most.

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