David, 12.

Where I live differs depending on the time. During the school week I stay with my mother and three brothers, but every fortnight I stay with my father and my step-mother. My three brothers come as well, and my step-brother. In other words, I am always moving.

I always believe in myself and persist in what I do. I tend to get angry if I lose, but my family always helps me in that category. In my spare time I’m always on some sort of technology, like watching YouTube or writing a story on my laptop. But when I have a lot of spare time I draw. I love to do it and I am very good at it, or so I am told. And I always have a good time doing it.

Autism to me means a difference of a simple thing in the mind that makes a whole new person in reality. It means that you are unique. Autism to me is a gift. Some may say that Autism is a downgrade in one thing, but it is an upgrade in a lot more. In the end, Autism to me is the thing that makes me, the thing that builds me, the thing that is my guide.

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The I CAN Network is creating the inclusive society that young people like David deserve. They are doing this by celebrating the individual strengths of people on the Autism Spectrum, to ensure that our world benefits from embracing Autism. We need you to help us to create these inclusive societies.

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